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Guess I'm gonna be joining you..

Basically, some will know whats been going on over the last year, some wont.
needless to say i think me and OH have hit a wall we're never gonna get past - we have been trying for a long long while now (we did think at one point we'd cracked it but it wasnt to be)

Anyhoo - before I descend into more tears I need to ask:

I'm going to be looking for somewhere to live. I currently have both kids in one room, but in an ideal world I'd like them to have their own rooms. I know what I earn and what can get through TCs, but I know its not gonna be easy (esp as my own dad is on the side of my OH, just because he thinks couples should never split up)
Is it better to go for private rented or council?
What am I entitled to? I have an idea but I'm not sure its the whole range.

and MOST importantly - I need a babysitter - I work nights/evenings, usually 5-11. Ex OH is a postie so is up too early for me to collect the kids or for him to drop them off, and i finish too late to take them round to his.
I am thinking that he can have them on a sat night (he doesnt work sun) and then he can have some quality time with them (i also think he'd have them for an aft as well) but i currently work mon or thurs or fri or sun, sat, or a combination of......

Now I know its not gonna be easy to get a sitter to stay till 11 ish, esp not one I would completely trust.

I need help ladies.
I'm floating without a rescue craft or even a paddle.

And I must say all are welcome to reply to this - I dont actually think anyone can me me feel worse than my OH did when he told my 2 1/2 year old that mummy and daddy weren't going to be together tomorrow because mummy was a nasty bitch. But if some random people feel they need their nights filling than go for it.


  • oh hun i just saw everything on facebook so came straight on here to see if u had posted on single.

    firstly massive hugs!!! that is bang out of order what ur OH said!!

    i cant really advise u on council/private as i have a mortgage but i would of thought council but i do know that if u find somewhere private the council pay towards it, maybe a phone call to them tommorrow will answer some questions or even their website could help.

    what ur entitled to will depend on ur income but i would of thought you would get help with council tax, free prescriptions etc if u go on that will tell u exactly what u can claim and get.

    with the baby sitting its a tough one esp finding someone u trust.. can u ask around maybe? the only thing is if its not someone with an ofsted reg number u wont get help from tc... i dont know the answer to this, is it only night work available where u work?? is it possible to get the same job but days somewhere??
    im so sorry this has happened to you hun, i really am x

    things will get better, i know i doesnt feel that way right now.

    if u ever wanna chat im always on f/b in the evenings xxx
  • You'd probably find a teenager to do it - they'd be around early enough and could do their homeworkimage Might be worth phoning a collegge to see if they can recommend a childcare student? As someone else said tho you wouldn't get any TC if they're not Ofsted registered. Might be worth checking out your local Opportunity Links website as they list childminders etc. If I live near you, I'd help you - East Cambs. DH nad i are both childminders and our daughter babysits! You may find a childminder near you who would be willing to have them and maybe bring htem back to your house to go to bed? What about an au pair?
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