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Anti-Valentines Day

Anyone else hating the fact its Valentines day? you just cant get away from it! I thought id stay in and watch tele to get away from the love sick pups but its full of bloody marriage proposals and weddings! im sick of it and want the day to go asap! image


  • NOOOO, don't wish the day away, its my birthday!

    I am not a single parent this time round (was last time) but even now i am not, I still think Valentines day sucks! I have to by OH something on my birthday! Think you should put a good DVD in and eat chocolate.
  • nope cant eat choccie am on a diet! lol But hope you have a lovely birthday image
  • I think I tried to avoid it as much as possible yesterday. Not that me and now ex-OH ever bothered with it anyway but yesterday I got right cheesed off with it all and I kept turning over the telly every time another proposal appeared...!!!
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