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i am so lonely

heya everyone it's louise how is everyone doing? i am doing fine but when the children are in bed i do get very lonely and really bored and it's like where nothing to do. so i do try to keep busy by doing the last bits of the ironing but it's like i never get to go out with friends but i do love doing things and taking the children out but it's like my friends say to me how can you get a man if you don't out.
but i would like to met meet someone and what will happend when i do.

can anyone help me

love louise xxxxxxx


  • hi hun. i only split from my ex 2 few months ago and i feel so lonely too.
    every night i sit here on my own and because our break up is still quite new, it makes me think of the good times etc and i end up feeling really low.
    i don't know if its him i miss or the security of having someone here and the cuddles.
    i know i'm better off without him, especially as he was starting to get aggressive, but when i'm here on my own and all i can do is think about things, i end thinking maybe it was all my fault things fell apart.
    i to wonder when and how i will ever find someone else when i don't get a chance to go out, and when i do get out, i'm always so tired i don't enjoy it as much as i would like.
    everyone keeps telling me good things come to those who wait and the right man will come along when the time is right.
    i'm sure they are right, i just don't like the lonely wait.
    at least we all have each other on here.

    where are you from louise? i live in buckinghamshire with rhianna who is 13 months old.
    i'm on facebook...leona wheals, think i'm the only one, or my email address is [email protected] if you want to talk anytime.
  • i feel the same, i only split for my partner 2 months ago and like yourself can only seem to remember the good times. he has already moved on and is seeing someone else and i feel so bitter coz im so lonely and my son will not sleep! i feel so depressed i dont know what to do anymore.
    i have been out a couple of times but i dont really enjoy it as i just want my family back and to spend time at home.
    its nice to know im not the only 1 to feel like this, my friends have been great but they dont have kids so they have no idea how hard it is
  • Yep i get like this too at times,of course none of us wanted to or thought we would end up like this!but i firmly believe in my relationship it was for the best,i am happier without my ex but it still doesnt stop me feeling sad at the way things worked out(or rather didnt!)and being lonely because it does feel like all i do is stay in and talk to the walls,my friends dont have children but are all settled down with partners so its hard to have those girly nights out as easy and like you im tired and find myself not enjoying it the same!its been 9mths since we spilt and it does get easier,the lonliness i feel isnt because i miss HIM just the idea of a family and you will find your feelings fade but it aint much fun or easy if your stuck in alot,i know!!!!!!!!!I have had afew relationships but none lasted mainly because i just dont think i was ready,if that makes sense though i do want a happy longlasting relationship and i do want more children in time!Im sure it will all work out for the best for all of us but it is a hard and lonely slog at times and its hard not to feel bitter too,i guess it helps just to come on here and know their are others out there going through the same..shame we dont all live near each other lol
  • hey peeps,ive just popped in to your forum for a sec hope you dont mind,just wanted to say that i think your all very brave it must be so hard on your own,if you want to meet other mums to talk to in your area,its great you tell them abit about yourself and then people contact you via email that live in your area,i joined 2 weeks ago and have already met up with mums for coffie and chat.keep chins
  • Hey girls thanks for that at least i am not the only one who feels that way and sometimes i do sat there and think what it was like to have a man around the house and the one who don't tell you do this and do that and boss you around big time and at least we are all together on there and well we all have something to talk about.
    anyway enough about men, i come from south wales in barry.
    how about you alot where do you all come from.


    louise xxxxxxxxx
  • Lancashire...near Blackburn!
  • hey hunny...i live in a little village called buckinghamshire.
  • hey girls how is everyone doing and i am fine i would like to thank leona for your e - mail address and i hope your on msn cos i would like to talk to you on there too and i hope everyone doing ok

    love louise xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey hun. i don't use msn, are you on facebook?
    we're not bad. rhianna's teething again so i'm not getting much sleep.
    her dad decided to come see her for the first time in a month...and stayed for a whole hour...really making an effort!!! lol
  • hey girls i am not on facebook cos of my ex - hasband and it is a fact that he is on there and i was going to join with facebook but i don't him calling me all the names under the sun which is what he likes to do and well i just can't give him a time of day but beside all that me and the children are fine and we are very busy cos it's jasmine's 3 rd birthday 2orrow so yeh busy busy.

    love louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Well just a thought you can join and then block him from looking on your profile!lol take care x
  • hi hun. i was gonna say the same as sarahlou.
    join then go into privacy and change your settings so you have a private profile. it means only your 'friends' on there can see your profile. 1 of my friends had a similar thing to you so has blocked hers so that she doesn't even come up when you search her she has to look evryone up and send the friends requests.
    just a thought.
    hope jasmine has a great birthday tomorrow.
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