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anyone thinking of erasing him for good?

helloo ya all,

the suddeness at which my X left us when my little bootie was just few weeks old made me soooo devastated and very upset that am considering filing papers for change of surname for my little boy so that there wont be any trace or relationship at all with my X when he grows up... really dont want this(as done in the movies) oooHH son forgive me, i was stupid to have walked out on you and your mama bla bla bla..... i want my son whom am seeing the potentials in him already as he is fast turning into a man (71/2months) to grow up not knowing this looser as his father but propbably a new guy i would get serious with in future.

am i over -reacting girls or is any of u thinking of same? :\?

let me know please and i always appreciate your responses and support


  • I am doing the same. My ex was a rat, Were together almost 4 years. He Split with me then slept with my best mate then me again 12 hours later. We continued seeing each other as normal until i I fell pregnant Nov in 2007. He wasnted me to have an abortion so i planned to but changed my mind on the day. Best decision ever. he was sleeping with me til 38 weeks but also i have since found out, with alot of other girls too. He would sleep with me then flaunt other girls in my face the whole way thru mey pregnancy. I loved him though so put up with it, he said he cared. He was literally in bed with someone else when i was in labour and when ava was born wanted to be involved as and when suited him. I stopped him seeing her at 3 months as he wasnt consistant and was continuously abusive towards me. He only ever text once a week when it suited his social life. He was never 100% interested and anything less isnt good enough. he has threatened to take me to court but he wont as hes so tight with nappies he bought her an outfit and a book for her first xmas. He has money too so i dont see what his problem is. Filed for maintenance 3 weeks ago and surprise surprise hes denied our 9 month old daughter is his. Having to get a dna test to prove it which is gonna take at least 3 months longer. Ive supported her all on my own till now so guess it doesnt make much difference huh.

    Anyhow ive now decided to cut him out completely. He isnt a father more of a sperm donor. He cares more about money, his mates and his new girlfriend that his daughter and thats not on. Hes made his bed so he can lie in it. You think im being harsh??????

    Really need some support.

    P.S. Sorry for the quick message and typos, at work on a 5 minute break so struggling to get it all in lol xx
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