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how will i cope

Normally i am a really strong person but right now im not feeling very strong. I have a 11 month old baby and im also 38 weeks pregnant. me and my partner just split because of his lazy selfish and aggresive ways. I no i have made the right decision but i am wondering how i will cope with two babies on my own. I dont have much family support and im feeling very stressed and lonely and stupid for putting myself in this situation. I keep asking my ex to help me out with lil jobs around to house or with money and with my baby but he only seems to care about himself.
I just dont no what to do and i no my friends and family are just going to say 'i told you so'


  • By the sounds of it your coping by your self now. It wont be easy with 2 to start with but it will get easier. Just think about what you did for ex (all that cooking cleaning, picking up after him ) without him will just be more time for your little ones.
    Take care and keep your chin up!
  • hi, and thanks your message really helped
  • Hello

    'I told you so' is such an awful phrase and if anyone says this to you I hope you have the strength to ignore them. No matter his faults you love/loved him. You put your hope and faith into your family and you need to feel proud of that. It sounds to me that you have just reached the end of your tether with this man. You sound like you're a strong girl and can imagine a super Mum. You have made strong choices which are right for you at the moment. Maybe you'll get through this together, maybe you wont, either way I hope you and your darling babies are happy in the long run. I am in a similar situation if you ever want to chat. Sending you hope and good wishes. Us women are strong, Take each day as it comes xx
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