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he is losng interest already?!

hi girls,

i dont think i will ever understand me ex.......

he sees summer every friday, one week he has her from 10am til 2pm and the next week he will have her from 10am til saturday morning.

the thing for the past month i guess he has been turning up later and later for her and yesterday he turned up at 11.30am for her and dropped her back at 7.30am!!

When i said to him i thought u would want to pick her up a bit earlier than this so u could have her for at least 24hrs he just said well she sleeps most of the time anyway... meaning 12 hrs overnight.

he just doesnt seem bothered shes just got over swine flu and while she had it he was quite happy not to see her!

he refuses to have her overnight every friday as she gets in the way of his social life (nice!)

im just afraid he will lose all contact with her and i dont want to have to tell her when she is older that he just couldnt be bothered.

i know theres not much i can do i just wish i could get him to understand.

we have only been broken up for 11 months, if he is losing interest already whats gonna happen in a couple of years!!


  • i dont think he has a new partner but cant be sure we said when we broke up if we met anyone and it got serious we would tell eachother and possible meet the new partner as they would be around summer etc.
    well im just gonna tell him he needs to pick summer up at 9am from now on at least then she gets to see him for a bit longer, just hope he sticks to it!!
  • Hi,
    My son is nearly 10 years old now, I spilt with his father 6 & a half years ago. At first it started off with his Dad having him 3 nights a week, but then i moved a bit further away and he now has him every other weekend. He quite often reschedules and if he doesn't have him on a weekend when he should have he doesn't see him for nearly a month. I drive my son the 20 miles to his house and then rdrive it again to pick him up. His Dad has never come to get him. When we split he got nasty, telling my son that i'd stolen his house and car from him (both things that i owned before i met him!!) and telling friends that i was cheating on him (i wasn't), he couldn't face the fact that i couldn't stand him anymore and hated that he lived off me (he paid me ??20 a week towards to bills!!)
    Anyway, my point being that my son goes to his house and doesn't do anything all weekend!! His dad tells me to send his Wii over with him, i've stopped doing this as i found out it was him and his mates playing on it and not my son. I begrudge paying for his entertainment and my son buys all his own games by saving his pocket money!! My son is now at the stage where he knows his dad is useless and asked me this week if he could change his surname to mine as to quote "my dad is useless and does nothing for me"!! He's never contributed financially, he gave me ??10 one week and then tried to tell me how i could spend it, so i told him to stick his money where the sun doesn't shine!!
    I went through some hard times with my son when he was younger and all the stories his dad made up about me, but now we're in a good place. I've been with my current partner for 5 years and he is everything my ex wasn't, including a wonderful step father to my son!!
    So, your ex needs to be careful, he is going to miss out on so much if he doesn't pull his finger out and one day another man will step in and become the father your daughter needs and he will have no-one to blame but himself.
    Sorry for the long reply!!
    Good luck x
  • dotty you have just hit the nail on the head!!

    this is exactly what i worry about!! He is already missing out on soooo much and summer is only 19 months old, what gonna happen when shes 10 yrs old?? the way things are going i'll be suprised if he is a part of summers life and thats so sad.

    At the end of the day i cant make him be a good dad i just wish he wanted to be one!
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