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advise at what i do next??

me n my ex split up in feb and ie tried so hard to be civil to him for lo sake but his dad just keeps swappin n changin wen he sees him wont help me out with him even tho im 8 months preg with his 2nd lo. im sick of him pickin n choosin wen he wants him etc so i have stopped all contact and i told him this yday n he just didnt sa a thing!
do i wait to see if he contacts me?
do i contact a solicitor?


  • personally i would wait to see if he contact u hun. does he pay anything for ur lo?? if not i would be straight on the phone to the csa, plus i wouldnt let him pay u himself without using the csa as then he could just stop paying etc. Maybe then if he was paying he may want to see lo and that would give u a bit of a break esp when the new baby comes along.

    good luck hun xxx
  • well yday i spoke to him n seemed to be gettin sumwere or so i thought but he started bein an arse again!!! no he doesnt pay a penny towards jake!! but after a huge argument hes cumin to see him tday finally!! but u can almoast gauentee hel b here 1 hour tops its pathetic!!!!
  • oh hun at the end of the day unfortuately u cant force these silly boys to see their kids. it will be his loss!!! get on the phone to the csa they have been great with me, and get what ur entitled to u never know it may encourage him to see jake xxx
  • well he turned up at 12 n went at 1!!!! thats 1 whole hour ffs!!! i even asked if he wanted him over nite as he hasnt seen him 4 almost 2 weeks now!! so that way he cud see him all tmra!!! his reply was hes too busy n got things to do?? now personally id jump at the chance!!! if i was him
  • i know my ex is the same he has seen summer for 2 hours this week. and on his facebook he keeps writing how much he misses summer, what a joke!! so i deleted him as a friend coz it winds me up soooo much! I think these lil boys will regret not seeing their children in yrs to come when the kids see for themselves what losers they are!!
    keep ur chin up hun, im always here if u wanna chat xxx
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