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piles spd breast infection.....

hi girls, hope the header doesnt offend anyone, just wanted a little rant, everything seams to have come at once!
I went to the doc's yesterday with Piles - confirmed - then at christmas I took my nipple ring out, everything has been fine then on sunday night it swelled up, well by yesterday morning even just moving around was painfull not to mention when my tshirt touched it - she said an infection - which could turn to mastitus, by the time I got home a puss sack had filled and burst with this horrible green stuff coming out of it, but at least the pain has subsided.
Still not heard anything about the physio for the spd, at this rate I will have had him before I do.
rant over with


  • Hi it does always seem to happen like that where everything comes at once!i didnt get piles whilst i was pregnant but i got them through giving birth and ouch where they the most painful things ever!poor you!x
  • Oh Dottie Pottie poor old you! It never rains but it pours as they say! Oooh your nipple sounds amazingly painful... can you do anything to help it clear up?
    When are you due?
    Hope your SPD isn't too bad, will it mean you have to have a c-section?
  • Hi there sounds like your having a tough time of it.... ive managed to avoid the piles but started with SPD at 20 weeks (now 35 weeks) i have a support belt and have had reflexology but neither of them work. I am now on prescription co-codamol - they take the edge away and allow me to have a couple of hours sleep at bedtime but thats about it. The constant pain has definately affected my pregnancy my relationship with the babies father and my 6 year old son as i cant even walk around the shops anymore......All i can say to you is that you need to try to keep your chin up and try to concentrate all your energies on the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope your nipple heals well and soon and get some lactulose for your piles ...ouch take care x x x
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