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how was your xmas and new year??

what did u all get up 2?? hope ur ex's didnt give u any problems x


  • hey hun,

    yeah it was good! we went to my mums on the 23rd and stayed until the 28th.

    kirk had summer on boxing day he didnt turn up for her until 12.30pm and dropped her back at 8am the next morning lol it seemed like he wasnt that bothered really.
    i was the same as u tho just me and summer in on new yrs eve but kirk had her on new yrs day coz it was his friday to have her overnight although he tried to get out of it lol

    you are really good having him over AND cooking for him xmas day tho! i dont even let kirk in my flat!!!
  • lol @ it will never happen again!!
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