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please help

Hi ladies i just wondered if anyone could help/advise me? I am about to become a single mummy cry i am trying to work out my monthly income while finding somewhere to live, My baby is 4 months old and i do work. Could anyone inform me of any benefits i would get to help me out. I dont mean to be nosey but i have no idea as not been in this situation before. I just feel awful.
Any help would be sooo much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
sam xx


  • 10 views and no1 can help...thought this was the support forum ;-(
  • So sorry to hear you are in this situation, have you tried googling government and benefits? As a lone parent you should be entitled to cheaper council tax and income support (not 100% sure though)
    Failing that, you could speak to someone at your local citizens advice bureau?

    Hope that you manage to get it sorted

  • Sorry no one has been able to help yet. I have no idea on benefits but have just had a look for some links for you, maybe others are doing the same.

    Try for an overview on benefits for single parents and the government website for financial help for lone parents:

    Hope you can find some useful information

  • thanks so much ladies, i just feel so sad for my little boy xxxx
  • well i can only say what i get so that may give u some idea.
    i work 16 hrs a week so i get child tax credit and working tax credit i get a total of ??676 but that includes childcare for 2 days a nursery per week which costs me ??90 per week. i can get help with council tax but im in the process of doing that so not sure how much that would be. the normal child benefit plus i get ??157 from the csa but u get 15% of ex's earnings theres a calculator on their website, u also get all nhs stuff free, so dentist eye tests . prescribtions etc

    hope thats helped a bit
  • Have a look on It will tell you roughly what you could be entitled to xxx
  • thanks so much ladies thats very helpful to me, i'm moving out this week asap and part of me is looking forward to getting it over and done with.
    thanks again girls
    sam xxxx
  • hiya,
    im a single mum with a 9 month old baby and im on benefits.
    i can tell you what i get but obviously yours may differ as you are working and im not.
    i get child benefit
    child tax credit
    income supprt
    as i dont work the council are paying for my rent (privatley rented as quicker than housing) and also my council tax. (where i was on maternity allownace when i moved in i had to pay some towards the rent etc but now im i/s i should get it all paid.
    i think if you work upto 16hours a week you can still get tax credits and working tax credits (but you would need t check up on that.)
    if you goto you should find all the help there.
    good luck x

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