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single mum about to have 1st baby

hi my name is leah and im 22 im about to have my first child in 7 weeks and im so scared cause im doing it alone and im finding is kinda hard i have my family there for me but its the part were the dad comes int o it im hate i feel like im missing out on so much when i got to ultrasounds and doctors apps is when i have a bad day cause there is no father around


  • hi ya its quiet on this forum isn't it ! bless ya i know how u feel me and my boyfriend have been on and off throughout my pregnancy and its so hard he did come to the scans with me but just doesn't seem interested really, men dont get it like we do they are so selfish ! thats what annoys me so much we're left with the hard work while their lifes dont change you didn't say whether your in contact with the babys father or not , where my babys dad will want to be involved (i think) but probably when he can be bothered and when it suits him which will be very hard , i hate him for what he puts me through but got to be strong for my little girl and unborn baby stress isn't any good for u ! i know i'll be ok on my own and i'm sure u will be too may just take time i'm better off without someone who makes me unhappy all the time , if u need to chat i'm normally on the may forum coz thats when my bubba is due, hope your ok xx
  • yeah they r pretty selfish they dont et any of it when they r the ones that did do this to us in the end. my babys father evan changed phone numbers and its piss me off he is just a low life fuck i could do with out him and id be happy but thats not the point now is it. my best friend who is a guy has been there for me more then this babys father has. how long untill you have you baby?
  • if you get this msg PREGNO2 do you have msn let me know if ya do
  • yeah im glad that i have my family there to help cause its been hard and they will be there after it all cause im still living at home. id like to chat more so do you have msn if ao add me [email protected]

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  • hi leah , i dont have msn i'm 26 weeks so still got a way to go yet hope your doing ok xx
  • hi i only have 6 weeks to go and its getting pretty scarey noe cause its all getting ready to happen my mum is not here cause my older bro just had his second baby so she went up there to help with them and left me at home and i just hope nothing happens untill she gets back. im over trying to sort shit out with the babys father he only makes things harder for me cause he wont except the fact that this lil bundle of joy is his but i have been with another guy since i was 11 weeks and he has help me so much through this were not going out were just seeing each other he talks to my belly rubs my belly and has watch my belly grow he had done so much and has look after me so well i hope things end up good for us if not i than him for everything he has done for me. do you know what you haveing?
  • aarrhh thats really nice that you have got someone there who's helped you through it. i bloody hate men who say that the babys not theirs ! they are so immature , i'm sure nothing will happen til your mum gets back , i went 2 weeks late with my little girl so really hope i dont go late this time its so annoying waiting ! i hope everything works out for you. i'm having another girl , starting to get excited now and a bit scared lol xx
  • yeah i know it is then should just face the fact that it is and deal with it or be honest and say that they dont want anything to do with it insded of being wankers about it. yeah i hope nothing happend im just taking it easy now cause my belly is dropping and getting really painfull well im at 34 weeks today and my baby is a 35 weeks she is aheah of her growth. and i hope it all work out for you and ya having another girl ya got any names pick out in so excited i just wanna see what she looks like and im shiting my self
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