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Urgent advice needed please!

I split up with my daughters father when she was 11months old due to violence over a period of 2years which ended in him putting me in hospital. After we split he was ordered by social services to see her in a contact centre in case he put her at risk, he stopped going to this after 3months.the last time he had contact with her she was 15months old. She is now 26months old and he has not seen her for nearly a year or had any contact what so ever. I have now heard through friends that he is going to see a solicitor next week to try and start up contact again, i would not feel happy allowing this man to see my daughter who doesnt have a clue who he is to her and would feel she was at harms way. How can he expect her to know who he is?.

Anyways just need some advice.

If this went to court, which is what i am going to do if he tries to get contact. What do you guys think the outcome would be? What chance would he have?

Sorry for ranting just v.worried for my daughter.

Any help would be appreicated. Thank you. x


  • Hi have you been to the citizens advice for this,you might be able to apply for legal aid and they can give you some free advice

    I don't know if he would have much of a chance,if it went to court they might inforce contact as you had set up before. I think the best thing would be to go and get some advice

    Hope this helps x
  • Hello, I know a little about this sort of thing, as a close friend of mine is going through this with her ex at the moment. Okay, well if you previously had a contact oder in place which ex had breached I thought you were within your rights to withold contact? However should the court allow another contact order to be put in place, I am very confident the mediators will ensure you have full peace of mind. So for example, if he does have contact with your little one again, it will only be within a contact centre enviroment, so entirely safe and you are close enough to see to her should she show any signs of distress. Maybe they will be able to build a relationship overtime, and he can build a trust with you? but sounds to me like he is one of these guys that will always let her down and in the end the courts will wash their hands of him. Because of his violent past, unless he has had sufficient rehabilitation, the court will support your decision for a contact centre ONLY. I hope you do not worry too much about this, although easier said then done. xx Take care xx
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