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I'm 28 and pregnant with my 1st child. I'm no longer with the father although he has agreed to help me out when the baby is born.

The problem is I am still renting at my parents house, but they do not agree with the pregnancy and are not being supportive and also want me to move out. I was going to stay at home until the baby is born and then turn to my council but the constant bad feeling and arguments at home mean I'm going to have to leave earlier.

I cannot afford to rent swhere privately as I have debts that take a huge amount of my wages. I will also have to give up work once the baby is born and haven't been there long enough to get statutory maternity pay.

Question is will the council even help me and will I be entitled to anything as I work full time.

I am stressed, scared and anxious for mine and my babies future, but termination isn't an option for me.

Can anyone help?


  • Hi Sarahxx. Congratulations on your pregnancy - and so sorry to hear things at home are not good. 

    I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you but I really hope your parents' feelings about the baby change and you get some help from them and others. Wishing you all the best.

  • Hi Sarah congrats on your pregnancy I would maybe go citazens advice see if they can point you in right direction it might be council find you temporary  for time being Hopfully your parents support you once baby is born I was a single mum for 5 years 

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