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Need advice :/! Help.

I was with my my ex partner for 4 years, we have two children together our relationship ended, In the end we went to court and I had to get a restraining order put against him which ends in april.. 

this was all back in 2014 and I haven't heard or seen of him since, he's now in a new relationship and having a baby with another woman, I don't care about the fact he's having another baby, im bothered that he hasn't made no contact with my children hes just moving on and forgetting about them, 

what would other mums do in this situation? Ito my kids I feel for, how can flesh and blood treat you like that! 


  • My sister is in the same predicament. but personally i wouldnt force him too. not saying you are but if he's really not bothered then by the sounds of it your children are better off without. Your kids will respect you for bringing them up on your own. I know it's heart breaking as my sister goes through the same but she said no you're not coming in and out of my daughters life. he soon came running back when she wouldn't speak to him anymore. ,

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