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My kids dad won't return them to me

hi, I have split up with my kids dad over a year ago and he usually has the kids every other weekend but last Friday I allowed him to have the kids for a week since it is the easter holidays and thought it would be nice for the kids to see him for a bit longer.  was advised he had taken the week off work to spend time with them but turns out he lied and has had his girlfriend watch them the whole time. Kids were meant to be home on Friday but he has advised me that he is just going to keep them! I dont know his address so am going to use a tracing agent to get it, just wondering if legally I am allowed to show up and ask his girlfriend to hand over the kids without him being there? Very upsetting as he told me half an hour ago to let me boys school know that he won't be returning after the Easter break 


  • Not got any experience with this sorry but didn't want to read and run. 

    Do you save anything from courts about custody or anything? TBH I'd just phone police. They can trace address and get children. Technically if their dad isn't there they are with someone who isn't their legal guardian anyway.

    And I know rules in Scotland are different to rest of UK but I know some areas fine parents for keeping children off school so is he going to pay the fines if he doesn't return them in time for school? 

    I think he needs to grow up and remember what's most important is the children!

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for replying!

    I don't have have court order unfortunatly, I called the police on Friday night and they told me as he is on the birth certificate that there isn't anything they can do as I willing allowed my kids to go to their dads. 

    I am assuming he thinks he will have our son registered in a new school for the return after Easter break, just horrible uplifting their lives when he knows he has no reason to think that he will be allowed to keep them full time since he hasn't even been there himself to look after them. Hoping my solicitor will tell me tomorrow that it's ok to just go and get them x 

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