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Expecting a baby

hi everyone. I slept with a guy whilst he was on holiday where I live in Thailand. Only met twice. Was on the pill but ended up pregnant. I went to go for my abortion but couldn't do it.. I am now really excited to be a mum. I have told the guy which has turned his life upside down, he is not ready and wants me to have an abortion. I just can't bare it, but I feel bad for him though as he Now has no choice: I told him I am happy to be a single mum but he said he would feel guilty. has anyone else had this experience? Am I doing the Right thing or am I being selfish?? I will love and adore this baby. Im 32 now and he is only 26, so I feel ready and I know I can can support the baby as a single mum.i just feel awful for him at the same time Which is making me worry and stress 😖

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