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Anyone else’s partner ran away and then come back??

hello everyone👋🏻 

im 18 y/o and currently 16+2 weeks pregnant And since I was 4 weeks I’ve been single, my baby’s dad is 21 and completely freaked out when I told him I was pregnant and ended it with me, blocked me and has told me to have a abortion.. since then he’s changed his mind multiple times and first said he loves me and wants to be with me but then switches and says he’s hates me and I’m a “fat, ugly mess!”, I’m so confused about the whole situation and I know he’s a idiot and I shouldn’t care about him or want him back but it’s so hard! I’m thinking of myself more than I am my babies future and it’s killing me, I haven’t spoken to him in 3 weeks as he’s been in trouble with the police and has had his phone confiscated so he hasn’t been ringing non stop like he did before.. anyone else in the same boat with their babies dad? I also should mention he’s heavily into drink & drugs which I believe makes him this horrible person, he even rang and wished me dead over the phone.. my heads a mess I shouldn’t love him or care but I get so jealous and angry when he calls and tells me he’s been with other women (a lot of them are girls I know, or went to school with). But he’s the same very paranoid when he knows I’ve been out with male friends and thinks I’ve been doing stuff with them? Need advice 😫


  • Sorry but run for the hills my partner left me when I was 18 weeks pregnant and I told him if he walked away he wouldn’t have another chance and as hard and difficult as it’s been I have got through it am now 26 weeks and glad I made that decision to not go back. Surround yourself with family and friends and you will get through it I promis. Also come on here lots of lovely mums to be etc that will help you out with advice. Your a strong independent woman just keep reminding yourself that and you can always pm me on here if you need to chat or rant x

  • Thank u so much I really appreciate it!!x

  • He sounds a complete loser you can do so much better as painful as it is right now he probably does it when he is lonely. He sounds emotionally abusive you are well out of it look to the future you can do it, ive been a single mum twice plus you'll be so much happier.

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