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What rights does my ex have over our son?

I recently gave access to my son’s father so that he could see my son a few days a week, however, last week I told him he would no longer be able to see him without supervised contact as I felt that he wasn’t taking care of my child properly as he would come home dirty and hungry and in the same clothes as 3 days prior. 

He has decided to take me to court as He want rights to see our son (ideally 3 days a week), despite not seeing him at all for nearly the first two years of his life. He has not been a good dad in the past and has got a few criminal convictions (domestic abuse, drug use and assault, from what I am aware of). He has also recently been charged a few months back with assault and is due In court sometime soon. So some convictions are recent.

He is not on the birth certificate but we have done a DNA when my son was born so he is definitely the father although He hasn’t ever payed any child support and I have raised him alone for 2 years.

He is abusive and threatening towards me therefore I do not want to contact him directly and have blocked him on social media and his number. I feel as though I gave him a chance and he let himself down. 

If he follows through and it goes to court what right will he be entitled to as I do not want him to have him over night and ideally would like supervised contact only? 
Please help as I am panicking about the welfare of my child. 


  • I would record any abuse to 111 and screenshot any messages of abuse, but if he’s not on the birth certificate I don’t think he has many rights x

  • I would go speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. Every situation is different. If you are on a low income then you may be able to get legal representation funded by the government... but in any case, many legal firms offer a free initial consult so you would be able to get some basic advice to start with. 

  • unfortunately yout ex still has rights. Its likely that if you raise your concerns about him that social services will be called in to do assessments. But the likelyhood is he will still get some kind of weekly contact. Inless he is seen as a risk to the child and his home is not safe he will get contact. All i can say is rais your concerns. I doubt he will get 3 nights a week but he possibly will in the future

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