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Advice: ex giving our lactose intolerant son dairy on visits

my son is 18 months old and lactose intolerant, my ex partner sees him regularly. He gives him dairy when he knows he is not allowed and then lies about it right in front of me. Due to his agressive past towards me and our son he has supervised visits. My question is am I in my right to say he shouldn’t have unsupervised access if he doesn’t listen about the dairy and makes him sick. Also he only wants the fun and play does want to do the changing nappy or other important tasks. Can I hand my son over to someone like that especially as young as he is?


  • Hey there! My LG has lactose intolerance too, how is your little boy getting on? It’s hard work isn’t it and I havnt even started weaning yet! 

    When he has given him lactose has there been a reaction?

    I wouldn’t not be allowing anybody to have care of my LG who can’t follow her medical needs or meet her basic care needs. 

    It is lovely for him to have a relationship with his son but I’d be saying he can see him for an hour when he won’t need feeding or changing.


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