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Dating.. CONFUSED?

Hey ladies sorry it’s really long frowning so I’m a single mum and haven’t really dated since having my lo who’s now 10 months old so it’s all bit new again. But a couple months ago I started seeing this guy more of a fwb relationship I suppose but I’m starting to get very confused, he tells me he doesn’t want a relationship but we talk for hours on the phone everyday see each other all the time more than a few times a week… We went out and had a few drinks the other night and he said to me that he Really likes me but the reason he doesn’t want to be with me is because I have a child but when I asked him about it the next day he said he didn’t remember, it was just the alcohol and he doesn’t mean it, he doesn’t want a relationship atall. All his behaviours are very confusing, he’ll turn round and say oh I don’t want to string along maybe we should stop talking but then an hour later he’s calling me up wanting to meet or talk again? It seems he gets A little jealous and protective aswell gosh I don’t know if I’m just being strung along I have caught feelings but I’m also not sure if I want a relationship either so Idk what to do


  • I think you can do better. He sounds inconsistent and unsure of what he wants, not respectful of your emotions and how he's pulling on them.
    Just think, you need to be happy and on point to care for your child, be very wary of who you allow in, as their actions could be the ones to mess up your emotions and have an impact on your mothering.
    More importantly, you're a mum, anyone who can't accept that or doesn't like it should do one, find someone who uplifts the fact that you're a strong poweful mama bear and supports it!

    Best of luck and remember, know your worth. XX
  • A drink mind speaks a sober hear. Your better off leaving him where he is hun. By the seems of it he don't want to be with you but he don't want you to be with anyone else ether. I'd strongly advise you leave this situation now before it gets out of hand. There are decent ment out there that if they like you and wanted to be with you, they will irregardless of you having a child (even tho that shouldn't even be an issue in the first place) I've been in relationships with a few people in the past (not all at the same time) and non of them ever minded I had children, some even had thier own. You'll find someone that will treat you properly and want to be with you and your child hun, you just need to drop this clown first xx
  • He doesn’t have yours or your child’s best interest at heart truly, if he’s a grown man and doesn’t want to date you because you have a child is ridiculous. I’m 18, and a single mum, My partner left me when we found out I was pregnant because I refused an abortion, he was very similar to this, a very on off relationship, I’m ready no I’m not etc, the best thing you can do is leave him. You will find someone that loves you and loves your child as their own 😘
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