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Single Mum aged 30

hey im a singl mum to 2 children aged 17months and 6 months i only 18 myself, sometimes i do find it a strgugle but i always find a way i had my first child at 16  was scared but i think i did really wel as a young first time mum hen when i found out i was pregnant again when my son was only 11weeks old my partner found it hard to deal with and decided that he wasnt  ready to comit, i love been a mum and having children at a young age i would say was handy especially having all that energy to chase my son around, i think if my patner had stuck around he would have love the expeience as much as i am.


  • Hi Lou, altho im a married mum i still felt alone when hubby went back to night shifts,he now works days but i still do a fair bit myself. Its never easy either way sometimes(my hubby is a big kid to)

    Hi to the rest of you,i dont think a single parents gets the praise they deserve, my now eldest sis had her 1dst baby when only just 16yrs,she now(26) has 4 lovely boys,as a close family we all helped out, my younger brother also became a dad at the age of 15yrs his now ex was 19yrs(long story)again we came together as a family in more ways than one to help him when it all went pear shaped.

    Always happy to chat.x

  • Hi everyone

    my name is emma i am new to the site , also a single mum to  a lovely 2year old girl called pippa we live with my parents after i found myself single at nine months pregnant because my ex decided he didnt want the commitment off a wife to be, mortgage and child. he moved to spain with another women leaving us to fend for ourselfs. since then we have got our lifes together and both are happy just sometimes wonder is there more to  life than  been mum, as i dont get out much between working and raising my little wonder?


  • Hi Emmy

    Welcom to the the site, I'm Cheryl and my and my hubby are ttc no 1, I am glad to hear you have managed to pick yourself back up, do you hear from you little girls dad?

  • i see himnow and then but only for a few hours while he sees pippa he doesnt have much to do with her life his new patner doesnt like having someone else in the picture
  • Emma its his loss and his new partner sounds rather silly to.

    Hope your both ok.

  • Hi There. My little girl is 2 and i'm finding myself missing out the word 'Dad' in her story ridiculous is that!!!! Obviously the last thing you want to do is have your childs feelings hurt,after all we are supposed to be protecting them . I Know she is abit young to be asking now but it will only be a year or two that she can start to understand that she doesnt have a 'Dad' in her life.  Its made even harder by the fact that he only lives 5miles away.  I just worry so much about how to explain it to her tactfully but without lying also. He has seen her a couple of times, when she was very small so she will not remember, he was so rude and un-caring about her it was unreal.  Its not that he is very young either, hes 37, but has acted incredibly immaturely and seems dis-connected on any emotional level....he just wants to keep partyin and not face upto any responsibility. I am so upset with myself for ever being with him, although it was for a short time it was an un-planned pregnancy that took me by surprise so hadnt even considered whether he would be supportive if I was to fall pregnant accidentally! My daughter is my world now and i would not be without her, she gives me such joy.  I just never thought i'd find myself in this postiton....a single mum at 30!!
  • Hi, I have a 4 year old son from my marriage which broke up in 2007.  I am now nearly 4 months pregnant and have split with my partner.  I work full time, have a decent job, car and my own house and I am really looking forward to doing this on my own - I know it will be hard but.  My husband see's our son on a regular basis and we are still very much in love - just can't get on!!  I was seeing my partner on and off for a year and I am pregnant as a result.  We then split up - my own doing but it was never going to work out so better finish it sooner than later - he said he will be as involved or as uninvolved as I want.  I have bought everything I need already and decorated the nursery already as I don't want to be up a ladder once I get big.  Even my husband has been coming round making sure I am OK and if I need a hand with anything.  I am looking forward to July.  Oh, and i am 31
  • theres nothing wrong with being a single mum and im sick of the stigma attached to it! Although i love my oh dearly being able to make all decissions myself would be heaven!

    My dad left when i was 10weeks old and i feel my childhood was better for living with mum and grandma, wouldnt change it for the world even though some ridiculous government test said as im from single parent i should fail, i got a b and c gcses and now have 2 diplomas and 2 beautiful children my own home, at 20. and had andrew decided babies werent in his plan id have gone on alone too, it takes a brave women to become a mother a much much braver one to be mother and father, best of luck xxx

  • Blimey - that was me who started the first post on here - all that time ago!

    Sorry I never came back - I subsribed to PP after that and not sure why I never came on again.

    Well we have made it this far - Sam is now 3years and 7 months and starting nursery at 'big school' in September although he has been in daycare since he was 10 months so not too worried - i can't believe he is going to be a uniform every day - so thats double the washing for me as will be at home or nursery in the morning and then into his uniform for afternoon nursery each day up at the school.

    I am still working and to be honest I really enjoy going out to work - it feels a bit like a saviour - as i like being me for those three days - although I am sure I bore people to tears with my child stories!!!

    We have just come back from Portugal and it was great this year as no puschair/nappies or milk etc and we managed to have a great time. I thought heat may equal tantrums but he was fine and excited to be going on an aeroplane. I took my mum too as a thank you as she is my little star and the odd time i get to go out is when mum babysits.

    He still doesn't see dad - I have tried in vain but one thing led to another and I took him to the CSA and I recieve some each month which really helps. I have only just got round to letting my guard down with men and 'seeing' someone which is nice but not sure where it will go.

    Hope everyone is well x

  • Hi all,

     I am new to this site and have just found out i am 7-8 weeks pregnant. The father and I had a terrible relationship and we split up two weeks before i found out.

    If anyone has any advice they can give me, i'd really appreciate it


  • Hi Clair,

    I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old and have been on my own for two years now.

    My best advice is to go to any mother and baby groups in your area, they're great places to make new friends and get lots of advice, often from women who have gone through the same thing.

    Men seem to come and go....but friends are usually forever!

    All the best x x x

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