The 'Email me when a response is made' button doesn't work!

I've just realised that the button at the bottom of every post you make doesn't work (or is it just me???) Can someone look into this for me?

Obviously I won't get an email to tell me that you've replied so sorry if I don't remember to come back & read it!!


  • Hi Blackkat,
    Thanks for the post about the email me a response button.
    So we can investigate further, can you tell me which platform you use for looking at BX - is it a smart phone, laptop or tablet? And which brand so we can check it out.
    Thanks for letting us know and we'll have a look into it! (I've also sent this as a PM in case you don't see this reply)



  • Hi Blackkat,

    I'm going to PM this message to in case you don't see this one here!

    Don't worry about computer details just for now, but here are 2 things to check – and which could explain why you're not getting the notifications.

    • Is the email address you registered with us still your current email address? We send all notifications to the email address you gave us when you registered – unless you've updated it since then. To check what email address we hold for you, go up to the top of your screen (you use a computer, not a phone, to see BX, don't you?) to where your username is at the top right corner. Click on the little arrow and select My settings from the drop down. Then open the Personal Settings section and find the box where you email address is. If it's not current, please do update it and Save Changes (pink tab at the end of that Personal Settings section)
    • You may have email notifications turned off as a default somehow. To check this, you'll need to be in My Settings again. This time, go to Forum settings. The 2nd item down in the list there is Replies Notifications. If the 'Default to off' field is selected (it'll have the dot next to it filled in in blue, if it is), please select 'Default to on' instead.

    Other than that, how are you feeling? Hopefully we'll have your birth announcement soon!

  • I replied on the message you sent me

  • Hello Blackkat.

    Apols: you sent a PM to DanielleBX, so I can't read it right now.

    But I know we asked you to check your Forum settings. And you told Danielle they were set to Instant - is that right?

    The Instant reply setting is adjusted in the Message Settings part of the My Settings page - not the Forum Settings part.

    Could we ask you, please, just to check the Forum Settings now and confirm that the Replies Notification is set to Default to on (it's the second one down in the list)?

    Thanks so much!


  • test for Helen BX

    I wonder if this will work, box is ticked as always!!

  • Thanks Blackkat. Fingers crossed!
  • Oh no!

    Right, will try to think of Plan B...
  • OK. Right.

    We think now that maybe no one's getting notifications but us admins

    We're going to run a few tests to check.

    But, in the meantime, if you're reading this and you're not Blackkat (who we already know about), could you please post and let us know if you're getting or not getting notifications? Thanks so much!

  • Just testing...

  • Testing again

  • One more test

  • And again...

  • Still no notifications emailed to me x


  • Hello Blackkat.

    Sorry for all the cryptic 'testing testing' posts!

    Those test have confirmed for us that the email notifications aren't working for anyone except us at BX HQ.

    Which is very annoying.

    So, we're going to get cracking on fixing whatever bug is causing the notifications not to send.

    We've had a quick look and it does seem a bit complicated, so we're afraid it may take us a couple of weeks to sort out.

    Apologies for this. But a big thank you to you for alerting us to this - there is no way we would have known it wasn't working if you hadn't told us.

  • No worries, no rush! Glad that highlighting a problem has helped!

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