Anyone having issues with the site on mobile or iPad? Please do let us know!

Hello everyone.

We've had one or two reports over the weekend of people having problems with posting on Chat from a mobile phone or iPad.

Has this happened to you? And/or is it happening now?

Please do let us know if it is has or if it still is - so we work out what's happening and fix it, lickety-split.

The quickest way to let us know is to post on this thread, saying what issues you've been having. But if the issues you're having mean you can't even post (really hope not!), do please drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll get right back to you.

Oh, and if everything's all working fine, do post to say that, too, if you have a mo - and then we can all stop worrying!

Thanks so much!


  • Hey helen. The only problem that i have using ipad & iphone since moving over to mfm is that I cannot paste things into the comment box... So i can't put links in etc. i never used to have this problem.

  • Hello SW2. Glad to hear things are working OK for you.

    And, yes, we know about the links thing - and it's on our list of Stuff to Fix. Thanks for the nudge about it, though! It keeps us on our toes!

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