Is Chat acting a bit weird for you? Are you have trouble posting? Please let us know!

Hello everyone

We've been having some issues with the site and we're wondering if you've noticed anything as you try to post on Chat.

Does Chat seem to be acting a weird to you? Maybe you're having trouble posting? Or seeing a message come up saying, '503 Service Unavailable'? (And huge apologies if the site is not working for you as it should - we are on the case!)

Or maybe things seem just like normal?

It would be really helpful if you could let us know how things are looking for you. 


  • I'm more of a lurker than poster, but it's working really slow for me and i've lost a couple messages mid-post, so i'd say yeh, it's a bit broken!

  • My chats only just started working kept coming up service error 

  • Hi Helen I get that come up quite regularly, normally have to refresh a few times or leave it a couple of minutes.  

  • I posted in the Nov 15 babies forum last week but seems my post has gone 😔 Xx

  • I see that message quite often about the system not available or I have noticed posts that I not had notifications for. I have also posted around 4 messgaes on the site that have not been loaded up. I though it was just my phone lol x

  • Thanks for all your replies everyone - this is all very helpful.

    We're so sorry that Chat isn't working as well as it usually does - and a special sorry to those who have lost posts. That must be very frustrating.

    We think (crosses fingers) we've found out what the main cause of the trouble is now, though, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before we can release a fix for it and get things back to normal.

  • For me, it seems more common in the evening/at night to get the error 503 and wont load up messages when i click on new ones.

    Also, seems to only happen when i'm using my iphone. When i use the laptop it hasn't happened.

    Seems ok today so far. *touch wood*

  • I've seen the error 503 a few times in the last few days

  • Happened every time for me yesterday. Seems fine today.

  • Hi, 

    ive had the error 503 Come up a few times now. 

    also, it often takes a long time to write a post as words get deleted or changed from your sentences! I thought it may have just been a 'predictive text' issue on my phone, but I have never used this before, and it must happen to some of the girls I talk to on the thread aswell as some of the posts (including my own) have loads of spelling mistakes in them or words missing, so they don't make sense! 

    Hope this helps? 

  • I am getting service error too.... Usually in the evenings.... consequently i log off and log into the website again. Its a bit frustrating.

  • Hello everyone. Thanks so much for your replies - and sorry again for all of this.

    We've just released a fix, and we very much hope it's going to be easier and quicker to post now - and that you won't be losing posts any more or seeing that '503 service unavailable' message.

    Do please let us know if things seem any better to you. Or not (boo).

    Your feedback is always super-helpful!

  • I havnt been able to post for a while, but  today it just takes forever to post but it does after about 15 mins! 

  • Oh no - that doesn't sound good Bet124. Are you posting from your phone or a computer?

  • I'm posting from my phone it seems better now!:) only taking a few minutes thank you  :) 

  • Hello everyone. 

    We've realised, from a couple of reports to us, that there still might be some issues with Chat – particularly with people losing posts halfway through writing them and/or with getting '503 error' when you click on a thread.

    If so, aargh! And we're so sorry.

    We're looking into it right now and trying to work out what's going on.

    In the meantime, it would really help us figure out how to fix this if you could keep posting on here if you're having any issues with Chat.

    Please tell us what's happening for you when you try to read or reply to threads – we'd be truly grateful. And, hopefully, your feedback will help us sort this all out faster. Thank you! 

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