Announcing MadeForMums Toys: come and look at our new toy reviews (starring YOUR children!)

Hello everyone

We're very proud to announce the launch of our MadeForMums Toys  YouTube channel, where children rate and review toys on video.

And, best of all, many of the videos star the wonderful babies of some of our Chat regulars, who joined us here in our Birth Clubs when they were pregnant, and are still now chatting here (hurray!) in our Babies threads

Please do take a look at the videos and tell us what you think by adding a reply to this thread! We'd REALLY appreciate any comments or feedback you have – good or bad (we can take it!).










  • Aww these videos are so cute! I'm so glad you put Sophie the Giraffe in there - it's a classic toy and always the first thing i buy as a gift for my friends who are having their fist baby. They do a lovely new Sophie the Giraffe teething ring now too which was a godsend for my baby girl. 

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