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What do you think of MadeForMums' new look?

Hello. We've been doing a bit of a revamp job here at MadeForMums: we've redesigned the site to make it easier to use from a mobile phone or tablet, and generally to make it a more fun and colourful experience.

We hope you like what you see!

Do please use this thread to tell us what you think of our new look.

We'd love to hear your feedback, good or bad – we can take it!


  • Sorry, I don't like it . I find it hard to fin anything.  Where is the competition winners thread gone for example?

  • Aw, sorry to hear that Nazir. We've tried very hard to make it easier to get around, especially on a phone, but we realise we may not have got it perfect straightaway.

    The competition winners' thread is broken at the moment (we're trying to fix it as fast as we can) but you can catch up on all the comp winners here.


  • I love it! It looks great and is even easier to post and comment. Well done team MFM!

  • Thanks Alex Heath. That's good to hear!

  • The links for the 4 week weaning menu plans no longer work. Can you help?

    Otherwise I think the new look is pretty good.

  • Hi stephy27.

    Thanks so much for telling us about those broken links. We're on the case trying to sort them now.

    If you spot any more, do shout - it's really helpful.

    So glad you like the new look!

  • Hi again, stephy27.

    We think it's all fixed now.

    But do let us know if that link to the meal planner doesn't work for you.

  • Looks good on the phone - pictures look great.  And not so pink!. Getting used to the finding my way round. I posted on the thread just now and all the posts appeared 3 times.  Been back and it was ok.

  • Hello the mole. Glad you like the new colours!

    And yes, we can see what you mean about it looking like the posts have duplicated when you first post. We'll put that on our list of things to fix.

    Thanks so much for pointing it out.

  • Unfortunately I am not really liking the new layout.  I dont think it makes much sense and is a lot harder to find everything as it is all spaced out and doesnt seem to be very logical anymore.

  • Thanks for your comment, Karen - and we're sorry to hear that.

    Do you mean it's hard to find stuff on the whole site or just in Chat specifically?

    And what do you think we could do to help you find your way around better? More signposting? Or something else? 

    Do pls tell us; we really want to make the site as good as possible - and your feedback will really help!

  • I am sorry I cant see how this new and improved website is anything of the sort. I used to really enjoy logging on and flipping through the articles and reviews but after 3/4 visits to this updated website I have left early each time unable to get on with it or find what I am looking for.

    If the website stays as it is I for one shall be unsubscribing. Not at all impressed...sorry :(

  • Oh, we are sorry to hear that JOANNE mcrae. Obviously, that's not great to hear. But we really appreciate the feedback because it'll help us make the site better.

    Could you help us out a bit by saying what it is you can't get on with?

    What exactly are you trying to find? And where did you used to flip to that is harder to do now?

    Anything you can tell us would be really helpful.

  • It is hard to find things on the Chat pages especially who the winner announcements are for the competitions.  I am also finding that pages are really spaced out and am having to scroll through adverts and things through the pages.

  • Ok, that's really helpful, Karen Liffchak - thank you so much. We're working on making things easier to find, so watch this space!

    You can always find the comp winners page here.

    Are you looking at MadeForMums on your phone, or on a computer?

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