Am I the only one who can only read topics from first page!

Ladies, A few of us have been commenting for the last couple of days on website suggestions forum that we are not being able to access further pages on each forum as the numbers have gone and when you press next, it jumps to about 3 or 4 weeks earlier and misses everything in between. Surprisingly, no webeddy has responded to our queries to let us know what is happening:evil:. Have I and a few others gone mad or is anyone else encountering this issue :\? if so, please note it here as perhaps we may get a response through this forum!


  • Yes its been like this for a few days and its doing my head in cause there are a few things i wanted to look back at!!
  • same here - i posted a few topics and cant get to them now to see the responses and its really frustrating. I'm more annoyed now at the fact that not one webeddy has bothered to respond to the queries! I appreciate they are busy but after a few days now of bringing this up and no response :roll: the job title should say it all web editor - edits and checks the web content? and i'd expect a huge proportion of this role would be based around an effective and efficient web service?? :roll:
  • Yeah, same here. Just jumps weeks. Normally you can choose page number but that option doesnt seem to be there.
  • I'm having the same problem, I can only get this page and there is no option to choose another page.
  • yeah same here!
  • same here thought it was something to do with my computer!
  • WEBEDITER WHAT'S GOING ON, been driving me mad especially when there are loads of new posts and you can't even look at yesterday coz they're already on page 2.
  • so glad i'm not the only one! thought i was going mad!!
  • Hi everyone - sorry for not getting back to you all sooner. We've been unable to log in as Web Editor for the past four days, to couldn't get back to you. There's obviously a technical glitch on the chat forums - I'll send a report to the technical people now and see if we can get it fixed. Thanks for alerting us, and sorry again it's taken us a while to pick it up. Alison
  • I've had the same problem, but about 3 days ago I managed to go back by pressing the previous topic quite a few times at the top of this page. Not sure if I was just lucky or if its a long way of looking back at any responses you may be waiting for.
  • hi everyone same here 2. xxxxxxxx
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