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My wife Carla has just joined, and I'm finishing this for her as she has fallen asleep mid-post.

Our little boy is 5 months and has never slept great, and we're after some tips from anyone who has been able to get their babies to follow a better day/night sleep routine.

He won't sleep during the day at all, and then at nights its only the breast that works. He wakes up 2 or 3 times each night and I'll go in and try and settle him, but he won't stop crying till Carla goes in and feeds him.

We've tried a few different things, he has a set bedtime routine & we're following alot of advice, but nothing has worked yet.

Any advice gratefully received.




  • Hi Adam,

    When my son was 5 month old he was still waking to be fed 2 or 3 time a night so it's not very unusual. I can completely understand how your wife is so tired.

    If he is waking and won't settle until he is fed then feeding is probably what he needs. If he only likes the breast maybe talking to your health visitor about what bottles are most similar to the breast and then your wife could always use a breast pump so you could help her during the night. It was suggested to me by my health visitor that I try and fit more feeding in during the day as this sometimes aids longer sleep during the night (but all babies are different). Or maybe giving him a dream feed before you go to bed.

    I really do feel for you but it does get easier. I'm sorry if I have just repeated everything you have been told already.

  • Hi Caz,

    Thanks alot for your response. We'll definitely try your suggestions.

    All the best

  • Hi. You tend to find that breast fed babies take longer to start going through the night. You are doing the right thing having a set bed time routine. One of the best things I can tell you is, to make sure that he is actually awake when you put him to bed. So if he falls asleep at the breast, wake him up to go to bed. This way they learn to go to sleep by themselves. Babies wake often in the night anyway, so if he is used to going to sleep by himself, you can try leaving him for 10 minutes to see if he will fall back to sleep again. (I know that's hard, in the middle of the night)! Otherwise feed him but again, make sure he is awake when you put him back to bed, change his nappy to wake him up. Hope that helps. Good luck. x
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