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Never slept in 19mths...HELP!!!

Hey all, I am new to this forum but am in desperate need of advice/assistance. My son now 19mths has genuinely not slept for more than 4 hours since the day he was born!! I suffered from HELLP syndrome during labour and nearly lost my life. A speedy recovery ensued and we immediately instigated a bedtime routine of bath, bottle etc... Whilst I was in intensive care my son, although healthy, stayed on the special care baby unit until I was well enough to come home. Im giving a bit of background as I am unsure if my sons "unusual" beginning in life is now playing a part in his sleep patterns. He was constantly nursed by me, daddy or grandparents, aunties, cousins etc.. fed very well (still does) but would never nap for more than an hour tops! It hasnt really improved much. Once asleep he is constantly moving his legs, arms, sitting up, lying down, shouting out. He is never truly rested. As you can imagine we are both absolutely rock bottom. Both parents work full time (shifts) and each day is becoming harder and harder. He wakes some nights between 10 & 20 times until I am so exhausted I climb into his bed or put him into ours... Advise.... Thoughts...Suggestions please very much appreciated


  • First of all I don't think the unusual start has caused this. My dd was in SCBU for a week and my son in GOSH for 3.5 months. His sleep has never been good but there are a lot of other issues involved.

    Can you let someone else look after him for a night or two? You need a couple of nights away to recharge your batteries.

    Does he sleep better when in bed with you or is he still disturbed? If he is ok with you then I would actually let him sleep like that for a few nights if only to get him into a pattern of sleeping long periods at a time and feeling secure. You could then withdraw your presence more gradually and see how it goes.

    H xx
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