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CAN SOMEONE HELP ME! My 7month old baby girl is great at sleeping through the night, but getting her to sleep is the trouble, she is terrible for fighting her sleep what can I do to make her settle and sleep straight away???


  • Hi Lauren, That's great that your dd is sleeping through the night - when you put her down to sleep, what actually happens? And how long does it take her to fall asleep? Do you have a routine before bed which signals 'this is bedtime' like a bath and a story and her milk? Also how is she settling at nap times? And finally what are you doing when she's fighting the sleep?

  • At this age,Babies usually sleep better than they were earlier.
    If there is no any bedtime routine for your baby, it is recommended to make one and stick to it. Also, make sure that you do it every day on the same time and in the same sequence.
    Maintain a consistency so that the sleep process is time bound and follows a particular flow.
    Also, Encourage Independent Sleeping,

  • I guess bedtime routine is the only way you can change anything. Make sure that play during the evening bath does not get too exciting, that the story you tell is not scary, soothing for the baby and maybe even a bit boring.

  • My 11 month old son fights his sleeps day and night and wakes up screaming after only been asleep an hour, when I try to comfort him it makes him worse and nothing settles him and he wakes up a few times till gone 1 2 ish  then he will sleep til 7 8 ish, for his naps he will only sleep for 30 mins but will still be tired when he wakes up and he is unsettles all day as well, can anyone give me some advice please 
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