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Grunting/straining/writhing in sleep!

My baby is 2 weeks old  

The thing I'm struggling with is all the loud straining and grunting noises she makes at night in her sleep. They are so loud I can't sleep through them even with ear plugs. She doesn't cry with it and still appears asleep, but it sounds distressing and it's keeping me awake. It's got to the point where I'm thinking of moving her to her nursery with a sensor pad and monitor. 

she seems a bit better swaddled but it's too hot for that in our house at the moment. The temp in the room is 26c. 

we use Infacol but the grunting only seems to happen at night in the early hours  She sometimes spits up a bit with it but not usually large amounts and I do keep her upright for half an hour after a feed And burp her etc. Also the Moses basket is raised To 30 degrees. 

Any ideas?


  • i think there could be something blocking the airway,,,,maybe the sleeping position?

  • She's on her back but she does it onher side too. 

  • Hello 

    we have the same problem when our little one falls asleep in a car seat or that type of position i find when he sleeps on his front he doesn't do it he is 6 months old so moves him self around I went to the doctors about it and they explained to me that as he grows he should stop. Hope this helps. 

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