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my 14month old keeps waking at night

Hi my 14month old has never slept much since birth.hes still in our room an wakes every hour.the last 2nights hes been waking and wont go back to sleep he woke at 1230tonight and is still up wide awake now running around.idont know what to do my bf has work early so iv had to come downstairs.usually he falls asleep ok around 830 9 then stirs all night i give him a bottle of water or juice when he wakes annhe just has a bit an goes back to sleep.but the last 2nights he going to put him in his own room next week but them im just going to hav to keep in an out his room all nite.he has got some teeth coming thru but hes not crying now hes wide awake playing!an its 3in the morn.any help will be appreciated 


  • Oh honey, this sounds like a nightmare. 

    Your son waking every hour tells me he's not getting in to a deep sleep.

    What's your night time routine like - bath, bed, milk etc? I think going to bed at 8.30/9 sounds too late - you should be aiming for 7pm, but that all depends on his nap schedule. What naps during the day is he having? I'm a big believer in routine, and think this might be a good way to get your boy to sleep. 

    When he's waking up, i'm afraid you bringing him downstairs is telling him 'playtime'. But as you say you're moving him into his own room, don't wait honey, do it now. 

    When he wakes, do you always take him out the cot? 

    I would try and follow this:

    Dinner at 5.30pm, bath at 6.30pm, a story and milk straight after and then put him in his cot by 7pm ideally. Can he get himself off to sleep ok? When he wakes, i would go on, gently rub his back and if he's standing in the cot, a quick cuddle, some water (no juice at night time) and lay him back down. Keep doing this - try not to talk to him, but just say the same thing over and over like 'sleep time'. Don't take him out of the cot or his room - i you do this for a few nights, hopefully you can break the phase he's going through. 

  • Hi thanks for your reply he usually nsps for around an hour and half in the day about 1130ish if i put him up he does usually fall asleep on his the eve i usually bath him at 8 then sit in bed an put his tv programme on and giv him his bottle.but sometimes he falls asleep downstairs so i just take him up.i always try and keep him awake late as ithink if he goes asleep early hel wake in the night.i will try what you say it would make my life better if hed go asleep at 7!i do always pick him up i know this is making him worse but i try not to wake my bf as he has to get up just waiting for his blackout blind to come then he can go in his own room.then i wont have to worry about him crying and waking bf dreading bed tonight i will bath him at 630 and see how it goes

  • How did last night go? 

    If i were you, i would swap the tv around - give him TV BEFORE bed, then up for the bath, some milk and story. The tele can overstimulate just before bed, so you might wanna try switching it around, and try to do this at 6ish, so bed by 7. 

    It's important to not let him fall asleep downstairs too, so he understands/get in to the routine of bath and bed - hope that makes sense? 

    Don't worry about picking him up - i get what you're saying, you don't want hm to wake your boyf up, but when he goes into his own room, it'll be easier for you all. 

    Just ask me if you're not sure of anything, happy to help! x

  • My bf slept downstairs i put him up and he fell asleep on his own then he woke up around 1130 but not really crying just making awhinging noise so i rubbed his back didnt pick him up an gave him some water and he went back to sleep he did this afew times during the night but it was alot better than the night before.i c wat u mean about not letting him fall asleep as he needs to settle going to put him up in amin for anap to.iv got someone coming to measure for his blind next week so hopfully hel b in his own room next week.ineed to do this everyday now as i dont want to be up all night again haha x

  • You did so well and he did so well - that's brill. 

    Just keep at it, and don't go running in at little whinges, let him try and get himself back to sleep. so pleased it's going well - keep at it! 

  • I will thanks an yes i will let him cry especially when hes in his own room.iv put him up for a nap an hes fast asleep x

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