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I have a  lovley healthy 7 month old baby boy who up until recently was demand breast fed (usually 3 or 4 times a night).  He recently had the chicken pox and since then everything has gone to pot!  He goes to bed around 7pm with a 7oz bottle now, and wakes at 10.30, then pretty much every other hour.  I cant leave him to cry as my daughter has just started school and really needs her sleep.  He just wont seem to settle in the cot at all, and then when rock him to sleep and put him down he wakes up!  This morning I have had him down stairs in his pushchair since 3am and everytime I stop walking he wakes!!! Any suggestions or people in similar situation? 


  • are u feeding him when he wakes up? maybe he hasn't eaten enough

  • Ohh!! feeling bad about you,,did you give him a bath every day?? This might be the problem that he wakes up?? where to buy baby towels
  • Tracy Hogg- "The baby whisperer solves all your problems"sleeping,feeding and Behavior. It's amazing book!!! I have 5 months old baby girl...and we had the problems with sleeping,too. After this dauther sleep,eat very well,and we are happy now. I hot recomend it!

  • I've heard of sleep regression after an illness. I can imagine how tough it is. My girl also had very difficult sleep patterns. If it's really getting out of hand, talk to your health visitor and ask to see a sleep specialist.  I hope it gets better. 
  • Is he wanting to eat every time he wakes? He must still be hungry if he does and maybe need more during the day. Is he on solids yet? If not, maybe you should start or increase what he is having if you are weaning him? Fingers crossed that you all get some sleep soon. x

  • My second one was up every night 6-8 times for about a year. Didn't find anything that fixed it other than time, but you do get more used to having broken sleep! Although I feel for your daughter at school age.  

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