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Baby Rice with Formula

Hi I'm after some advice regarding giving my 19 week old son some baby rice in his last bottle  feed before bed to get him to sleep through, I have been told to just add one small scoop to his bottle and he will be ok. Is this good advice?



  • Personally I wouldn't add anything to baby's bottle other than formula. Putting food into the formula risks bulking the texture & clogging the teat meaning that baby could struggle to get anything from the bottle or could choke on the mixture once it is consumed...

    Try offering a small bowl alongside the bottle if you think it may help. 

  • Don't add anything to a baby's bottle. It's a choking hazard.

    It's also a myth that adding rice (or anything) improves sleep. Babies wake in the night because they need to. It's biologically and evolutionary appropriate.
    A 19 week old baby should not be sleeping through the night, and if they do that's more a worry than it is a blessing.

    Studies have also  repeatedly found no statistically significant difference to sleep after giving additional solids or baby cereals. In some cases babies do sleep more, but in others sleep is either unchanged or gets worse. So then when you couple that with the issues of introducing solids early (a whole 7 weeks before the recommended 26 weeks), and the potential issues with baby cereals, it's really not worth it.

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