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Is 9pm too late!?

I've just read up on dream feeding (an older MFMs post.) Why I hadn't before who knows.

my little boy is 12 weeks old Sunday. I've made his bed time a bit later in hope that he sleeps through again for me. the change over in to his cot has unsettled him slightly. He really only cat naps in the day and before this enjoys fighting his sleep 😬 The pair of us normally chill down by 7ish, enjoying some sensory lights, a bit of tummy time and disney music; followed by a bath, feed and bed All usually around 9ish. Is this a bit too late? Should I push things back an hour or 2 and introduce a dream feed!? Or is he a bit too old for this now? i wish I knew about this before HAHA! This mummy thing is confusing 🙈😂

thankyou in advance xx

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