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Is 8.5 month old having enough to sleep the night? HELP!

This is currently my baby's rountine & what he hasn't to eat ..

7.15 -wake 

7.45 ish formula of 8oz about 3oz used to make porridge/cereal which he has straight after bottle 

10.45 - pouch of purée fruit & petis filous yoghurt 

2-2.30 5-8oz formula 

4.30 tea (equivalent to about a full jar or 7m+ food) usually meat, veggies..

6.30 run bath, 6-8oz milk & bedtime for 7-7.15, he falls to sleep with dummy & teddy usually okay then starts to wake up frequently from 11pm Ish? He has a couple of naps in the day but usually when he's tired rather than a set time.. 

This waking is really starting to get me down as partner works away during the week & when he's home on a weekend I'm so tired im asleep most of the time so I'm not too tired when baby wakes through the night & this is taking a toll on our relationship, we have been together 4.5 years & newly engaged as of sept 2016. Feel really lost in what to do any more. Advise/help please!!! ❤️

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