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Hi! I'm really hoping someone can help.. my baby girl is 9 weeks old and every night we give her a bottle around 7 we then put her in her Moses basket (she didn't like at first but is fine now) she'll sleep for around 20mins then wake up and SCREAM untill she literally passes out , I've tried everything I've swaddled her , while noise.i can tell it is purely just temper because she doesn't want to go to sleep but it's awful! Does anyone's else's do this ?? I just want to no I'm not alone! X 


  • It sounds like your baby has a little colic hun..temper at 9 weeks old is quite unusual..and if she's going off to sleep something is waking her up to cry like that maybe a tummy ache, wind,  reflux it could be anything hun. Iy will get easier...speak to the health visitor about it all and maybe try her on something called infacol it worked wonders for my little girl when she had colic.  Xx 

  • I also used baby lullaby songs on YouTube and she loved them x

  • Thank you so much!


  • Aw your very welcome hun!! Is she your first baby xx

  • Yeah she's my first! xx

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