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Winter sleeping - baby cot near radiator, but only radiator in our room

Hey ladies, so my baby is in the crib next to our bed ... She's 12 weeks next to her crib is the radiator as we have no other space for her... I say no radiator should be on while she's sleeping in the room... My partner makes me feel like I'm a over reactive over protective nutcase... Maybe I am 😕 what's would advice ladies? She sleeps in a grobag thingy and has a little blanket and she's been doing that for a while now... He wants the radiator on through the night 🙄 


  • The simple answer is that if you want the radiator on then you'll need to move the crib! If you can't move the crib, then you should turn the radiator off. Baby should not sleep next to a heat source, as it is easy for baby to overheat which is dangerous for them 

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