Starting night routine (own room and cot) at 1month 6 days old?

Hi everyone, im a first time mum and would be greatful of any advice. 😊

I have a little girl who is 1 month and 6 days old. Last night we spent the night her very unsettled in our room in her moses basket which has been a common theme. I have been settling her downstairs and then when we come up stairs she gets disturbed and is wide awake. Doesn't matter how she soothes when placed in her basket she's wide awake. I'm not a fan of having her in my bed so the only place left is her cot!!!

Tonight I think I'm going to go with full routine of bath, massage story time, feed, cot!!! Just don't know if it's too soon but something just feels right. 

What's thoughts on this? 

Leyah  (my little girl) has settled a few times day and part if a night in her cot. So won't be a full shock!!! 


  • I got my son into a bedtime routine at 6 weeks old bath massage bottle cuddles then would place him down in the Moses basket awake so he learnt to self soothe I would rock the Moses basket and he would go to sleep took a while to crack but I stuck with it he’s now 13 months old and goes to sleep really well (some nights he’s a little terror very rare though) 

  • I am currently sat on the landing getting her to sooth herself after a 2am feed. It's currently 3.10am..... She's fighing going back to sleep I am going in and comforting at regular intervals. 

    I don't know if it is because she slept so well after our routine 7.30pm till 2am. But i couldn't sleep because I was worried and missed her. 😊😴❤

  • Ideally babies should be in your room until at least 6 months to prevent SIDS 

    have you got a Moses basket I used to lay in bed rocking the Moses basket and he soon went back to sleep xx

  • My little girl is 11 weeks old.. I found that after the first month she wouldn't settle in her Moses basket, she would be fast asleep on me but the minute she went in the basket she would wake .. she sleeps in a next to me in our bedroom and sleeps through the night. I think it's because Moses baskets are restricting on space and they often like to stretch out .. they also say babys don't feel secure in the Moses basket.. 

    Why don't you have a look on gumtree / Facebook market place for a second hand next to me crib? Just buy a new mattress? You will probably find they will settle better with more space xx

  • i put my son in his own room from around 5 weeks old. It seemed silly to keep him in with us as we were waking each other up.

    Every night we do bath bottle and bed in his cot and he instantly slept better! In our room he was waking every 2/3hours and from the first night in his cot he woke maybe 5/6 hours. It was the best thing we ever did!

    We did use the anglecare baby monitor with the heart sensor which was a good reassurance.

    It is different for everyone and i know some people really disagree with them sleeping alone but it worked for us. There is no harm in trying :) hope everything goes well

  • I'm not sure if people are aware but it's advised not to bath your baby every day.. usually 2-3 times a week. Just something to consider with the routine, you could try changing the bath to a book? Only an idea xx

  • Leyah hates the moses basket!! 😐

  • Hannaelizabethmartin - did you let your little one settle themselves. When she is soothing I go in every 5 mins and reassure her and then leave again. She does fuss but never properly cries..... she is asleep in 30mins. 

    I have an hello baby monitor which i secure with. 

    Just feel it's the right thing for us and last night we got from 7 30pm till 2am. 😊 but I couldn't sleep because I was watching the monitor!!! 

    She settled well again tonight 😊 I just felt guilty because she's so young. 😢

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. 

  • Yeah my little girl did too after the first month (we only used it in the daytime though) we have a next to me in our bedroom and it's amazing .. I did say all that above lol! 

  • I'm new to these chats and hit reply before finishing by accident firstbabyfebruary lol. I might look at the next to me crib if the cot routine doesn't go well for either of us. Thanks for the advice.... I'm glad it works for you. 😊

  • Jennie - I'd highly recommend a second hand one and just change the mattress (then keep it if you plan on any more babies) .. let us know how you get on xx

  • I used to let him fall asleep on me as he had his bottle then put him down. He is now 4 1/2 months and we are doing the self soothing, not so bad going off but he has decided that he likes to come in our bed at 4:30am and at that time i don’t really have the patience to keep going backwards and forwards so give in...ooops!

  • Well we've just done the second night and it is the best thing we've done.

    6.30pm started night routine. 

    Bath, massage, cuddles and story time. Feed if needed. I then let Leyah self sooth by going in every 5 mins if she is fussing. If she had already fell asleep on me. 

    She slept from 7.30pm till 2.40am.

    Feed then slept 3.20am till 6.30am. When I placed back in her cot after this feed she didn't cry. She just lay there and then fell asleep!!! 

    We will be sticking with this routine as it works for us and her. 

    I'm glad im not the only mum who moves their little one into their own room early. ❤😊

  • Well tonight was a success. 

    Lay her down in the cot and she just fell asleep. No encouragement given 😊

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