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Hi all .. after some advice about sleep routine. When and how .. 

How old were your little ones when you got them into a routine and how did you do it? 

My LG is almost 20 weeks but hasn't got a routine .. well she kind of has but her routine is to go to bed at 10-11pm .. which is fine now but when I go back to work it's not going to happen. How can I help to bring her routine forward? She doesn't wake until 8/9am. 

Also, is it better to start it when she goes into her own room? 

Thanks in advance xx


  • I would make a start on getting that routine into shape now, as it might take a while. 

    Ideally you want her in bed by 7pm, so you're going to need to change up your day quite a bit i reckon. (also, you'll get to have a proper evening too which will be wonderful)

    So, (you're not gonna like this!) but i think she needs to be awake by 7/7.30am.
    Breakfast, play, etc and back for first nap about 9/10am

    Then go for lunch about 12...
    Afternoon nap to happen about 2ish, but avoid sleeping later than 3.30 as this will have a knock on for bedtime. 

    Dinner about 5pm followed by some down time, bath, story, bed by 7pm. 

    As your routine is quite late right now, i would gradually try and shift things forward by 15mins a day until you hit 7pm

    I hope that makes sense! 

  • Thank you so much.. I have screenshotted this!! 

    So the past 2 days she has woken at 7am.. the night before last she went to bed at 9.45, last night she went at 9.35.. I'm hoping for 9.25 tonight but she woke from a nap at 20.40... so probably won't happen!! Hoping to give her a bottle now then take her back up.. 

    Thank you for your help that sounds good!! xxx

  • I did the tizzie hall routine with my first little girl. I'm late in starting with my second as she was only feeding 2oz every 2 hours..

    ill add a wee section from the book x


  • Thank you so much Xxx 

    I think I could potentially skip the dream feed as my LG usually feeds between 28-35oz between 7 and 7 but I'm definitely gonna give these routines a go .. I would love my evenings back even if it is only a few hours lol. 

    Hope your LG is feeding more now for you xxx

  • So we got it to 15 mins earlier last night at 9.20 ... So tonight we are aiming for 9.10!! 🤞

  • We're getting there up to 5 oz now and she's 12 weeks on Thursday lol.. 4night on routine. Jumped straight in2 it and last night was perfect:)

  • Aww that's fab! My LG has gone through 2 days of feeding at 7/7.30 then not feeding for like 6 hours!! Not nice.. but she isn't bothered. 

    We managed 5 mins earlier tonight so 9.15pm.. There's no way we could dramatically change from 10/11pm to 7 in one hit so gradually doing it xx

  • just wanted to pop back and say how brilliant you are doing - 9,15pm is a brilliant step in the right direction - keep going, you're doing amazin! 

    littlemscj, i think that's brill too - i was so routine orientated, it really did help me so much! 

  • my little girl fed every few hours so wasn't a big change for her, she'd sleep during a feed and I was happy to let her as I had my other little girl to occupy but she work one morning just after 7 a I started from there:)

    so hard being a mum, riddled with guilt over everything lol x 

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