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please help, sleep problem.

Hi ladies, I have posted this in toddler too, any sugestions welcome.
Isaac has just turned 2 and has always been in a good routine and been a good sleeper, however we have just put him into a bed which started off really well, he did get out a few times and play with his toys in his room but soon went back to bed and slept. 4 weeks on and I am going insane, he has now started refusing to stay in his bed, each time I go out the room he just gets up and comes out onto the landing, I have tried lifting him up without a word and putting him back to bed but after several hours of going back upstairs I wondered whether ignoring him completely was a better (and less knackering) option, well last night that lasted 4 hours, he was still stood at the top of the stairs having a tantrum at 10.30 pm, eventually I went to bed and he obviously did too, but then he was up at 5am doing the same thing, we are both absolutely shattered, he should be in bed for his afternoon nap now, I put him to bed at 12.15 but he is still at the top of the stairs and has started throwing things down. What can I do to get him to stay in bed, I am going mad with lack of sleep. I did think about putting him back in his cot but he has started trying to climb out of it and frequently got his leg stuck over the top bar, as he has hypermobile joints he has a higher risk of dislocation so I darent put him back in the cot incase he dislocates his hip trying to get out.

Please help I really need a decent nights sleep.


  • Hi

    Sorry your having problems, my boys have also been in there bed about 4 weeks now and i posted something very similar in toddler. I have a baby gate on their bedroom door so at least they cant get out and i have moved everything away from the door so they cant bang the door against anything as that does my head in lol.

    I went with a combination of what you are doing, ignoring and putting back to bed without speaking. It started to work when we had been out all day and they were particularly tired. they sorta collapsed into bed and then things started to improve.

    has he got special duvet or pjs? to make him want to stay in bed. my hv suggested a grobag or a sheet tucked in tight both sides to help keep them in.

    sorry not more help good luck


  • Have you tried a stair gate on the door hun??
    That worked with our two when they used to keep getting up. Other than that keep doing what you are doing and putting him back to bed, don't say anything to him. Once he realises he's not going to get your attention hopefully he should stay in bed. Hope you get it sorted hun x x x
  • Dont really have ant advice apart from the what the others have said, like a stair gate on the door, also what DB said about having special covers or pj's that might work.

    Im dreading it also as Leo is 20 months and will be putting him a bed soon as he has started trying to climb out, but i want to get james in there first for a while so he is used to him being in there.
    good luck with it.
    vikki xx
  • We have put a stair gate on to his bedroom door, the trouble is that he is so noisy he wakes the others up too. Also our walls are all plasterboard so when he is rocking on the stairgate to try and open it, it is starting to pull away from the wall. He wasnt so bad lastnight and had gone down by 8.30pm although he was up at 5 again this morning. I thought about cutting out his daytime nap but that makes him over tired and he is even worse then. One friend suggested getting a bolt for his door so he cant open it but that feels a bit mean.

    He has got special pjs and new covers that he chose when we decorated his room up so that hasnt really helped. I guess that its payback time for having been such a happy good contented baby :lol:
  • aww hun my mai is the same
    she climbs over even the tall stairgates image in the end i had to spend 90quid on a barn style door so i bolt the bottom portion n keep the top open. it sounds mean but she can turn on my oven open medicine bottles and tablet bottle tops image i live next to a lake n she is sooo naughty i wasnt sleeping for fear she would really hurt herself or get out of the house n go in lake!!!!!!!
  • She sounds like a right handful lolly lol
    I have all this to come double the trouble just when i will have cracked it with leo i will have james to sort.
    vikki xx
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