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can't sleep/wont settle!

ffs this is the second time i am wiritng this won't let me post it!
anyway, my 2yo son won't settle at night. he used to be great settling straight away, slept through most nights and got up at a fairly reasonable time.
now however, after moving into his big boys bed and discovering how to open his bedroom door, he gets up at least 4 times within an hour and half after bedtime (i just put him to bed for the fourth time since 7.30!).
any advice on how to handle this? usually i go up, put him back into bed and stroke his head for a couple mins before saying goodnight and closing the door. h2b does the same when he goes up. sometimes we leave him a bit before going up more recently we have gone up almost straight away. doesn't seem to make any difference.
please help - i want my evenings back! :roll:


  • Get a bed rail, it does help untill they descover how to climb over that aswell, my son has a rail but now climbs over it and plays in his room himself, usual without me knowing lol.

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