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Hi Everyone,

I'm after a bit advice. My 13month old sons bed time is around half 7. He always wakes up screaming an hour later and we have to get him up as he gets into a state. Then he goes back about an hour later and is there until 9 in the morning.

I've tried shortening his day time nap and making it earlier in the day so he is more tired but it hasn't worked.

I've tried letting him cry a bit but he just gets himself into such a state.

I dont know what else to do as i really dont want him to get into this habit.

Any advice please?

Heather (mum to Joshua)xx


  • My daughter is nearly 14months and also has a bedtime of 7.30. She often wakes crying and shaking, several times in the night. I have been told this is night terrors and they will pass.
    We have just had a great week of her sleeping through, then last night she woke again at 12 and at 2am, she ended up in bed with us as just wouldn't settle.
    Apparently night 'terrors' happen in the early stages of sleep or if the child is sleeping lightly. Night 'mares' happen in heavy or later sleep.
  • Is there anything that can be done for him? xxx
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