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sleeping problems

Help i am at my wits end
my lo is just turned one and when she naps in the morning for an hour thenhour and half in afternoon she usually sleeps all night.

She goes to nursery 5mornings and they are saying that she is not wanting her morning nap so when i bring her home she is sleeping for 2 hours and then she wakes anytime from 11am - 2am for a couple of hours.

How can i get her back to sleep have tried cc but i hate it have tried giving her botle no she doesnt need it but it works sometimees need more advice please


  • oh my good spelling is so bad must belack of sleep lol
  • hi my lo started nursery at 12months (she is now 19mths)and she also was too busy to sleep have you tried waking her up early from her sleep? or maybe putting her to bed slightly later? you didnt mention if your lol normally soothes herself to sleep normally if she does then hopefully this might work ! good luck
  • yeah she soothes herself i am going to try and only let her sleep for an hour and half and see if that helps fingers crossed
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