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Why does she wake up so many times

I have an 18month old girl she use to be a really good sleeper never woke up during the night. The last couple of weeks she has started to wake up during the night just crying but this happens about 7 times she goes straight back to sleep. Do you think its just a phase shes going through its getting me really warn out and her as we arent gettin the sleep we both need.


  • Please help me

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  • hi ya gemma im not sure i can help really i just wanted to say im going though the same thing with my lo he wakes up at 1am and willonly go back to sleep when cuddling me not sure why he wakes up either he was always a bit difficult in the early months but did start to settle at nites but now i feel im back to square one.

    we thought he might b hungry so tried to fill him up a bit more or mayb a bit cold or even ready for a bed as he might b waking up due to banging himself on the cot so have you tried any of these yet tyler is 16 months old and is now going though a phase of not eating anything but yogurts and quavers or jaffa cakes

    sorry cant b more help feel free to chat any time its always good to talk to someone. x
  • It must be a phase they go through, i tried filling daisy up aswell but she still seemed to wake up. she went through a phase of not eating but she seems to be getting back on track now, she wouldnt eat chips or waffles but shes starting to get her appitite back do u have msn by any chance so how many children have you got x
  • hi. not sure if i can be on eny help either. my lo is 20months and although doesnt do it as much as she did in the previous months she does still waken. sometimes she will settle herself and others wont settle without a cuddle. she does ssem to settle quite quickly after her cuddle. i also worried that she wasnt eating enough coz she aint a good eater. i also wandered when they start dreaming. i wandered if she was suddenly becoming aware of her dreams (maybe silly). i am hoping she will grow out of it. when i hear other mums saying they are going through the same thing makes me think it normal.xx
  • Im starting to think the same now that its normal, it just gets you so restless up and down all the time, she goes straight back to sleep i dont even have to give her a cuddle. I guess its summit they all go through x
  • Im going to go and see my health visitor on thursday see what she says as she also strated taking really bad paddys and tantrums lately if you wont give her something she wants but i guess thats a phase to or shes getting the terrible twos early
  • yeha thats the worst thing about it coz you wake everytime they wake. and then it takes ages to settle coz im waiting to make sure she has gone back to sleep. im really hoping she grows out of it soon.xx
  • me too, shes been going through it for the last 8 weeks and im getting so tierd and warn out now because the slightest cry wakes me and then it seems to take for ever for me to get back to sleep and then next moment its morning lol.

    Im glad i registered on here as i have never spoke to people about problems or anything to do with the baby and now i know im not the only one going through it, My boyfriend was saying whats up with her shes not normally like it im glad i can tell him now its just sommit they go through at this stage of development
  • i do have msn it [email protected] feel free to message any time im always on line but not alwaysby comp but give me a nudge and i will come for a chat . tyler sometimes wakes up with a very high pitch scream wheich sounds bad but he soon goes back to sleep ive stopped him today eating jaffa cakes and quavers and just giving him yogurts as they aint bad and friuit which he some times eats he too has temper tantrums and paddys if i dont give into him and also if i dont pick him up staright away he is very clingy to me even more so last couple of days wont stay with his dad if i go out has to come with me or he will screamm the whole time. i have 2 girls holly 5 and chloe 11 and then tyler 16 months wot about you?
  • my lo is the same. she is 18 months now. she used to sleep all night up until she was 9 months, then she started waking again. i do the ultimate no no and give her a bottle during the night, this seems to work and she sleeps until mornng after that.

    i also thought she wasnt getting enough to eat as she is so fussy with food but i started giving her porriage before bed and she still gets up. i think its a phase most lo's go through. I'm sure if you asked 100 parents with toddlers how many slept all night without waking about 20 of them would say theirs do and the rest have lo's just like ours. Normal ones lol
  • The 'terrible two's' as they're called, should be labelled the 'terrible 18months to 3years'!!!!

    All mine have started that phase around the 17/18 month mark - my (current) youngest turns 18months next wk and is exhibiting all the signs of paddies etc and has recently been waking on odd occasions in the night but usually manages to settle himself. It is definitely something most kids go thru - well, has been what my 4 have been and are going thru!!!

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