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Hi there,

My LO turned 2 in Oct. She has always been very good at going to bed and then sleeping right through until morining. She's still sleeping through just fine but has started messing about at going to sleep in the first place. She has been in a bed since 19mnths and we've never had any problems, we would shut the door and might hear her playing in her room for a while but then all would go quiet and she would be asleep, no fuss. Now when we put her to bed and shut the door, after a couple of mins she gets up and stands at the top of the stairs. She doesn't cry, just stands there! So we put her abck to bed but then a couple of mins later she does the same. This will be repeated from 1-10 times of putting her back to bed until she eventually gives in, still not crying.

We have tried not speaking to her and returning her straight back to bed (we use this method more often than not) but have also tried shouting (i'm afraid to say!), giving her cuddles, reading a story, cutting out her day time nap, leaving her to take herself back to bed but nothing seems to make any difference.
Has anyone experienced this and have any advice or do you just think it's a phase she will grow out of?

Thanx for listening!



  • hey chick long time no chat hows you? hope all is well??

    regards dd my boys were the same just kept putting them back into bed, it was a long haul but did crack it, but now they have started waking up at 5am, agghhhhhhhhh.

  • when I put my daughter into her "big bed" I put a stair gate on her bedroom door so she cant leave her room, would that help do you think?
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