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2year old wkaing through night

Hi guys,i could really do with your help.I have a 2 and a half year old little girl.She keeps waking up every night at 2am screaming for me.I have tried letting her cry it out but that dont work.Its like she is terrifed of something.She just wants me to sit in her room with her.But she wont go back to sleep she just wants to play,full of energy.The only way she falls asleep is if i take her down stairs or in with me but even then i have to put the tv on and about 2hours later she will doze off.But then still wakes up at 6-7am!!My first thought was it could be her back teeth coming through,so i give her calpol about 10pm but that dont work.Although she is definately teething!!Also im 38weeks pregnant so i dont know if this is something thats affecting her?xx


  • sounds like you need to give cc a really good go before next lo arrives!
  • My 2 yr old is going through this too about 10pm she'll wake up but I just tell her firmly that she isn't getting back up it is bedtime, sleepy time you're not getting back up and playing now settle down and go to sleep, enough now good night then walk out and firmly shut the door. She'll grizzle for a little while but she'll go back off usually. Must admit i've been wondering what could be causing all this seeing as she's already cut her back teeth and the only thing i can maybe put it down to is growing pains cos my eldest DD did this too it's just a phase that'll hopefully pass.

  • my son has started doing the same and being really hard to put down so we have cut out his nap even though by 4 hes a good bit grumpy he still doesnt go to bed until 8

    he gets up from anywhere between 2 and 5,its hard work but we just keep putting him back and again and again,one night it took 2 hours,thankfully we were both off on holiday but he went down and is slowly getting better...i made a comment about a month ago saying how well he was at nights now ans never got up lol shot myself in the foot there

    with a baby on the way also chick i would suggest a bit of controled crying even if it takes a week,i wouldnt start going down stairs and putting the tv on,there would be no way lennon would stop getting up an sleep if he knew i would do that for him lol

    hopefully it will sort out soon,good luck x
  • This may seem random but my 2 and half year old has always been a great sleeper, then a few weeks ago he started this same sort of thing. I tried cuddles, milk, everything and nothing worked. I didnt know what to do until one time i noticed he was squirming around in the bed. I asked him if he needed a pee and he said no, but i got him up and put him on the toilet anyway,and he did a pee, went back in bed and went to sleep. I did this the next few times he woke, took him straight to the loo, then back in bed and it seems to have worked. He is dry through the day and had been for 6 months,but we hadn't started on the night time yet so he was still in nappies, but obviously waking up knowing he needed something but not knowing what.

    May be nothing like your prob/solution, but thought it may help

    Gemm x
  • Hi

    My little boy is a terrible sleeper and often wakes up. When I have looked into it, I have seen some articles about night terrors and waking at the same time each night is supposed to be a sign of this. They recommend waking your child up slightly just before this time - maybe 1.45 am - just rouse her slightly and then let her fall back asleep and this is supposed to break the pattern. Dont know if this will be any help but its got to be worth a go? I personally wouldnt try controlled crying if you think something is scaring her. Hope it works out - you need all the rest you can get now! Good luck xx
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