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I 'm not sure what's going on?

Jake has fallen asleep at 5.45pm again. That's the second night in a row. He slept well last night, woke at 1ish, settled back down then into me at 4ish back to sleep till 6.30pm. Hope he sleeps well again tonight. He hasn't had a nap today or yesterday and we went out for walks both days. Jakes sleep has gone a bit all over the place since we went back to Dover for Easter. It was fine just before I went. He would nap in the day for 1-2 hrs and be in bed for 7am, I could leave him awake in bed then go downstairs and he would stay there. It took us 6 months to sort this out then go home and his sleep is all over the place again. We have been back a week now and each evening has been different for going to bed times. Hope it will sort itself out again. xxxx


  • Hi there, jake doesn't usually have any milk at bedtime now. It is harder in the afternoons to keep him going till bedtime. Last night, he woke at 10ish for a drink then back off to sleep. Slept all night till 5.15am. He came in with me but was awake although quiet. He strokes my hair, comfort thing. Always has done since he was a baby. Jake asked for dvd's at 6.30am and we got up at 7am. Didn't think that was too bad really.
    I'm not sure if he's unsettled due to being in a room with his uncle when we were home. Any slight noise he was taken out of his roon and put into my bed in the middle of the night! When we go home next, think I will have to put his bed in with us. As Jake has been awake so early today, it may put him back on track for a nap later on?
    lol. x
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