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hello all! Hope you have all had a good weekend! Summer is nearly 2 (15th July). on wednesday night she dropped a book on her toe, on sat i noticed it has started to get infected so trip to the out of hours drs she has been given antibiotics! Since Thursday she has either woke up through the night and i've slept in her room or like last night she ended up in our bed as she refused to go to sleep in her own bed!

If you sit on the spare bed she will go to sleep but as soon as you wake she starts crying etc!

Tonight she asked to go bed at 8 and she is still screaming now! before she was poorly she slept really well!

What can i do? I've got a stomach bug and really could do with going to bed myself


  • I would have thought that your lo should be feeling better by now if the anti-biotics are working. Is it possible that the anti-biotics are upsetting her tummy? I'm sorry but I'm just stabbing in the dark. Hopefully this is just a stage and you should try and not get stressed as she will pick up on that. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
  • she hasn't got signs of a stomach upset thingy! i did say to my oh last night lets not give her the last lot of antibiotics tonight just to see if it is that but he didnt want to do that! She finally fell asleep at 9.30 but woke again when oh went to the loo at 12.30 and started again until 3.30! OH not happy as he had to go work this morning but then he should have shut the bathroom door so not to wake her up! i'm going to try and keep her awake today just to see if this works tonight!
  • Millie went through a phase when she turned two of not wanting to go to sleep on her own. My d/h used to lie with her until she fell asleep which could take up to an hour and a half. We cut out her day sleep (2 hours) and it meant she was knackered and went straight to sleep although still with daddy lying with her. She also would come in our bed everynight around midnight. She slept in our bed for about 2 months then one night I just took her back straight away and after a few nights she didn't wake up. She know's d/h is a lot softer than me so would have played up for him

    We did try slowly moving further away each night but that didn't work too well. After a few weeks of this I told her daddy was going to sit downstairs and she was a big girl and would be ok.

    She is now back to being a fantastic sleeper and goes down from 6.45pm until anything after 7am

  • well tonight i put her to bed at 8 she cried as i was taking her upstairs (breaks your heart)! put her to bed and shut the gate! came back downstairs and she cried for about 15 mins! Think it is working! x
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