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So much for a bedtime routine!!

There was a time when Bronwyn went straight to sleep!

But, not any more! Those days are a distant memory! It takes more like an hour or more to settle her. I ache from going back up and down the stairs. She is making a right noise, shouting over the monitor. Just had to change the bedding and her clothes as she had been sick. The last 2 nights it has been a stinky nappy stopping her from settling.



  • Oh hun,that doesnt sound good,has she been unwell lately.
    Hope you manage to get some rest,you mus be nackered.
  • maybe its just her teeth Caroline? Luka was just the same at bedtime, dirty nappies, sick etc. but was only his teeth coming.
  • Hi Caroline,

    How was Bronwyn last night?

    Like the others have said it could just be down to her teeth. Or like Charl something may have spooked her. Maybe just try to change the routine a little.

    Good luck!
  • Once bronwyn had gone to sleep she slept till 3.30, i woke at 3 realised all was quiet and went back to bed. She woke at 3.30 and wouldn't be pacified so she had milk and then spent the next hour shouting in her cot! I got her in with me at 4.30 and she slept till 6.30!

    Tonight she shouted for 30 mins, then i changed her very stinky nappy, and she has gone to sleep after another 15 mins shouting!

    I have noticed a red mark on her gum today, next to the tooth that has just come through and her gum is hard. I am assuming that she is teething!!!!
  • Bless her,hope it pops through quickly then.
  • This morning we were up at 5am! She was in bed with me just after 4.30 and refused to go back to sleep!

    She was also awake at 9.50, 11 and 12.20 last night! She woke and was whining to herself half asleep! I was very tempted to knock her out with medised! But managed to resist temptation!!!

    I am shattered!
  • God i bet you are Caroline,it has to be a tooth.
    Hope she goes ok throughout the day.
  • Tonight, Bronwyn fell asleep on the bottle. She has medised as she has a very snotty nose. She keeps making noises but is still asleep. I am hoping for a decent nights sleep after last night!!

    She only had about 50 mins naps all day at nursery so i think she is probably shattered!
  • Keeping everything crossed she has agood sleep x x
  • Oh dear Caroline, hope that tooth comes through soon.
    Did you have a better night last night!
  • Thanks Simone!
    We had a good night, she had a bottle at 4am but went back to sleep!
    She has very red cheeks and a few spots on her face so I am assuming a tooth is on its way through!
  • Glad you had a better night Caroline. How are you feeling at the moment xx
  • Hi Caroline,

    How are you and Bronwyn today. Is she sleeping any better for you?

    Zoe xx
  • Hi caroline, hope you had a good night and hope bronwyn is ok x x
  • Helloooo
    Bronwyn was a pain getting off to sleep but slept till midnight when she had 7oz and then slept all night. Tonight she has gone off to sleep better than last night, I am hoping that she sleeps well.
  • Glad last night was better for you, i hope tonight is ok as well. Jessica is a pain at night at the moment as she keeps waking, i assume she is teething!
  • Snap Simone! Good old teeth!!! How is Jessica? Are you both OK?

    Just missed Meatloaf on the One show as Bronwyn woke up crying!! Nothing wrong with her, just crying in her sleep! She has settled back down again. I am assuming that its due to teething but she also appears to have got an irritating cough!
  • Oh dear, hope her cough does not get any worse.

    We are all fine thanks, really enjoying the hot weather and have got the next three days of work, so can make the most of it
  • Oooooh Enjoy!!! Have you got anything exciting planned??

    I am looking forward to a weekend at my parents! Chilling and relaxing!!!
  • That will be nice Caroline, will they let you have a lie in!

    I have some hairdressing to do tomorrow morning and then we are going over my friend for the afternoon and the children can play outside together
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